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By: unwendy
December 28, the film "all the way with you " premiere conference held in Beijing, starring Louis Koo next three films released in the Lunar New Year stalls, being used fordell latitude d600 laptop battery with the Ge, Louis Koo calm, saying: "I'm sure a good box office in Hong Kong. "

Louis Koo good self-confidence at the box office

Lunar New Year this year, three large "Orphan", "Let the bullets fly, " and "You Are the One 2 " starring Ge You have, Ge has therefore been called "New Year God. " Louis Koo looks and the "New Year Emperor " win a fight in the role, in addition to "all the way with you ", he starred in the "magic Xia Lu"and"the most joyous event" is also about to release, so he became the media Take over and Ge compared to this, Louis Koo's performance is very calm, he said, his box office in Hong Kong, some good, then added, his box office in China must also good.

Louis Koo apprentice truck driver

Louis Koo has to do their homework before making a film in the habit of, for example, in the film "disciples", he would deliberately look for someone to talk to drug addicts, and making "a good father ", he will find the underworld exchanges. As Louis Koo in "all the way with you " in the speech, a truck driver, so he found a place specifically with the delivery truck drivers, go to Shenzhen from Hong Kong to stay for a day. Louis Koo and drivers to chat and found they worked very hard to raise a family, income is not high.

Karen Mok reason to talk about feelings

In "all the way have you", the Karen plays a woman, and Louis Koo suffered emotional crisis. About the feelings that it exists, Karen said, as they apple powerbook g4 series (titanium) laptop battery, before slowly to care about some things at ease.

Wong played a pregnant woman in the film comes to crying scene in the movie, the Wong said she does not mean that do not cry sad, sad not to cry piercing, using the external hard feelings Something evaluation.